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Dance - Four Body Shapes



Find out how pupils at Brindishe Green School have been improving their dancing and cross-curricular learning by using different body shapes in their dance lessons, in this primary lesson idea.

Early studies by dance centre The Place and the Open University have shown that using different body shapes in dance classes can help improve cross curricular learning.

Dance coordinator and teacher Jenny Powell, with help from The Place, has put this method into practice during her lessons and helped other teachers in her school implement the technique.

Jenny explains the method behind the Pin, Ball, Wall and Twist technique, and describes how she has found it useful in her teaching, as well as other benefits.

Year 5 pupils demonstrate the different movements and reveal how these body shapes can make dance lessons fun and imaginative.



Lesson Planning Pack - Dance: Overview (size 0.1 M)
An overview of the four videos in this primary lesson planning pack, including suggestions of how they can be used

Published : Jan 2011

04 mins


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