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The Case for Early Years Language Intervention



An overview of Nuffield-supported research by the University of York's Department of Psychology, into oral language interventions for Early Years.

Professors Maggie Snowling and Charles Hulme, who lead the research team, talk about their work, which found that intervening at pre-school age can have great success.

The video also shows classroom practice with pre-school children at Hinderwell Community Primary School in Yorkshire.

These findings are set to equal the importance of the research that led to the statutory phonics policy introduced after the Rose report, as it appears that oral language and phonics intervention at the pre-school level could head off later failure for these 'at risk' children.

The research's implications for policy are significant, and following longer term analysis of the evidence, a national programme could prove beneficial to a large number of children.

Published : Feb 2011

05 mins


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