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Beat Bullying Throughout the School



A headteacher, who faced the challenge of taking in pupils from a nearby closed school, talks about how new pupils were welcomed in and anti-bullying methods were improved to create a smooth transition for all.

In 2006, headteacher Deborah Tague decided to review the overall ethos of the school, as staff prepared to integrate existing pupils with the new influx of students.

Working together, the staff and pupils chose six core words to form the foundations of how pupils should behave: equality, respect, happiness, opportunity, courage and honesty.

A number of methods have since been adopted to prevent bullying, including restorative practices in the nurture room, a buddy bus stop outside, a post box where pupils post their concerns and circle time, where pupils can share their thoughts and ideas.

Behavioural Support Worker, Lisa Williamson, plays confidante to the pupils who wish to resolve any issues that are troubling them and talks about how the children have learned to get along.


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