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Get useful tips on using sanctions in your classroom as behaviour expert Sue Cowley discusses the sanctions NQT Chris Farnen uses with his Year 5 class at Welford Primary School.

Welford Primary has a well-worked out behaviour policy with a gradation of sanctions; beginning with a verbal warning.

However Chris is reluctant to follow all the sanctions through, especially the ultimate sanction of sending a pupil to another class, preferring to deal with any problem himself.

Chris prefers to use the sanction of forfeiting break times and lunchtimes to keep pupils in check. Sue outlines the need for sanctions to be carried out uniformly and gets Chris to demonstrate how he would deal with a particular pupil who hasn't completed a set writing task.

Published : Feb 2011

04 mins


Teaching with Cowley


Primary NQT

Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Behaviour

Classroom Management


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