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Picking Up the Pace



An NQT improves the pace of her Year 10 history lessons, with expert help from John Bayley.

In her first term of teaching, history teacher Elizabeth Bond found her Year 10s to be a real handful and focused on strict behaviour management.

However, as a result, the lessons have become much slower and less exciting than Elizabeth would like. Bayley encourages Elizabeth to sharpen her approach with more explicit timekeeping.

He also suggests that student motivation can be boosted by the careful use of exemplas, in which the teacher regularly shows the class student work, which is done well and within time limits.

John then challenges Elizabeth to take more risks and relax the behaviour management just a little.

Published : Feb 2011

04 mins


Bayley's Behaviour for NQTs


Secondary Teacher


Secondary History

Whole School Issues

Secondary Behaviour

Classroom Management


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