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Raising Self-Esteem



Pupils with dyslexia can often suffer from low self-esteem, which can affect their learning. At Southfield Primary School, staff demonstrate their whole-school approach to giving pupils the confidence to succeed.

Deputy headteacher Nicola Anderton explains why raising awareness about dyslexia, through celebrating events like National Dylexia Awareness Week can change dyslexic pupils' views of themselves.

The school's SENCO has started dyslexia club, a place for pupils with dyslexia to air their concerns and also learn some skills which they can take into the classroom.

The dyslexia club helps the pupils discuss their feelings and learn some new ways of working. The pupils talk about how the club makes them feel more confident and as the SENCO explains, self-belief is everything.

Published : Feb 2011

05 mins




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