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Learning Languages Through Sharing Resources



Teachers demonstrate how they have encouraged learning in MFL, through various means including the creation of a website, showing ideas that can be easily transfered to other schools.

Notre Dame High School is a specialist Language, Science and Training School for pupils aged 11 to 18 years. Teachers at the school have a wide range of experience in working with other schools to develop educational opportunities for their students, and to share resources and expertise.

Two of the teachers, Yvonne Gorrod and Julian Faulkner have made websites full of resources for Spanish and German teaching. These resources have been used by several modern langauage departments locally, nationally and internationally.

MFL coordinator Nelly Seetanah visits feeder schools across Norfolk and Suffolk and teaches students from all levels different languages, while teacher Thomas Pritchard has developed links with a school in Japan to improve his students' speaking skills.

Collectively, the teachers share their resources to deliver a top language curriculum both locally and nationally.


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